DDD Weekly: Issue #9

August 18, 2016

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Get your feet wet with domain-driven design: 3 guiding principles Steven A. Lowe. “1. Capture the domain model, in domain terms, through interactions with domain experts….” “2. Embed the domain terminology in the code….” “3. Protect the domain knowledge from corruption by other domains, technical subdomains, etc…”

Strategic Domain Driven Design with Context Mapping Alberto Brandolini. “agreeing on a model is a quite sophisticated form of communication, involving a common understanding of the problem and a similar view on the possible solution. In scenarios where communication is not that easy, doing becomes a lot cheaper than agreeing.”

What is domain logic? Vladimir Khorikov.

Event-Sourcing your React-Flux applications Maurice De Beijer.

Domain-Driven Design in PHP Carlos Buenosvinos, Christian Soronellas and Keyvan Akbary