DDD Weekly: Issue #58

March 2, 2019

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Concurrency and FP [video] Riccardo Terrell. Today we talk about concurrency and functional programming, about F# how it compares to haskell and scala. We also chat about CPU architectures, best practises for writing distributed systems and much more.

ULID [github] Universally-Unique, Lexicographically-Sortable Identifier

Event Sourcing You are doing it wrong [video] David Schmitz. In this talk, I will summarize our experience while applying eventsourcing and CQRS accros multiple large financial and insurance companies over the last 5 years. We will cover the Good, the Not so Good, and the ‘oh my god…all abandon ships!’ when doing eventsourcing in the real world…and see how we solved these issues.

Event Sourcing DIY 04 - Business Logic and Behaviour [video] Roman Sachse.

Dealing with change in event sourced applications [video] Michiel Rook. In this talk, we’ll explore how to deal with projection updates, event versioning and the GDPR, and the tools offered by a popular framework (Axon).

Channels, ring buffers and logs [video] Szymon Kulec. If you’re developing applications in .NET, you probably heard about all the new shiny part of the framework, like Pipelines which enable you to process IO-related processing with more IO awareness, still leaving your code on quite high level. Another part of the framework that is mentioned recently are channels that are used to pass data between parties. In this post I discuss various approaches used for data passing.

Pony [github] Pony is an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high-performance programming language.

Disasmo [github] Egor Bogatov. VS2019 Add-in. Click on any method or class to see what .NET Core’s JIT generates for them (ASM).

Don’t Let the Internet Dupe You, Event Sourcing is Hard [blog] Chris Kiehl. I’m going to give it to you straight: event sourcing actually comes with drawbacks. If you’ve read anything about the topic on the internet this will surely shock you. After all, it’s commonly sold as one big fat bag of sunshine and rainbows. You got some kind of a problem? Turns out its actually solved by event sourcing. In fact, most of your life troubles up till now were probably directly caused by your lack of event sourcing.

Opus Developmem Postmortem [pdf] Microsoft 1989.

Serverless is dead. [video] Chris Munns. Long live Serverless! Since the launch of AWS Lambda in 2014 the industry has battled around what the word “serverless” has meant. I say, in 2019 who cares? In this talk we’ll cut past the hype and talk about the realities of what this technology space means, how it’s changing how companies build and operate technology, and how you can properly understand the value it brings to the table.

Microservices to Workflows: The Evolution of Jet’s Order Management System [blog] James Novino. The migration from a distributed microservice based architecture to a workflow based one has had dramatic effects on our development, support, and design overhead. The ability to design and rationalize complex business flows as a DSL and then implement single-responsibility steps has had profound effects on our ability to innovate and build complex systems. The other benefits that the workflow engine provides like tooling, troubleshooting, scalability are topics of future posts.