DDD Weekly: Issue #8

August 11, 2016

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Software Developers use Domain Driven Design to Drive Business Mikael Zandin. An interview with Jef Claes about a refactoring project for which he chose to use “DDD methodology and its architectural approach for the refactoring effort.” “The resulting system discovered customer behaviors which led to changes in business practice as well as cultural changes in the company.” …now that’s my cup of tea :)

The Precision Blade Alberto Brandolini. “Software development is a learning process… that’s not what our bosses think. Our bosses think we are supposed to deliver a solution. No, that’s not the thing, we need to start thinking about the learning that’s behind it… it’s a totally different game.”

DDD Decoded - Domain Services Explained Mike Mogosanu. “We have Domain Services simply because we want to keep a concept’s model relevant, so any behaviour which doesn’t naturally fit that model needs to be expressed somehow. Also DS shouldn’t care about state, they represent domain behaviour only (their implementation should be stateless).”

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