DDD Weekly: Issue #6

July 28, 2016

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DDD Decoded - The Aggregate and Aggregate Root Explained (Part 1) Mike Mogosanu. “modelling an aggregate has nothing to with object oriented design, but everything to do with paying attention to the domain expert and really groking the domain.”

Build an application using microservices and CQRS IBM developerWorks: Felicia Tucci. “…regardless of the complexity of the business logic, with these techniques the implementation of new commands, events, and event listeners can become essentially a purely mechanical and repetitive process.”

Event Sourcery Shawn McCool and Mitchell van Wijngaarden. “By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to not only record important occurrences as domain events, but how you can represent your state solely from them.”

Living Documentation by design, with Domain-Driven Design Cyrille Martraire. “Discover how a Living Documentation can help you in all aspects of your projects, from the business goals to the business domain knowledge, architecture and design, processes and deployment, even if you hate writing documentation.”

Example of Domain Driven Design for the game of checkers Scott Wlashin. “Example of Domain Driven Design for the game of checkers. There are two files: a scratch file with a series of designs, and a final version.”

Domain-Driven Design Distilled 1st Edition Vaughn Vernon.