DDD Weekly: Issue #54

April 29, 2018

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Experimentation Using Event-based Systems [video] Martin Fowler, Toby Clemson. Events provide measurability and intent. Events should be encapsulated and first class. Kafka handles complexity and provides flexibility.

Use domain-driven design to architect your cloud apps [blog] Xavier Bruhiere. We were very successful at implementing bits an pieces, here and there, of DDD and event sourcing, where we needed to meet strong requirements for data quality and load. Of course, it wasn’t easy—we had to educate the team on the new projects and justify the additional time spent on experimentations and failures.

Rebuilding Legacy Apps with Domain-Driven Design - Lessons learned [slides] Kacper Gunia.

Building an event sourced system in .NET [video] Michiel Overeem. In this talk I will show how we are building a large ERP system in .NET, using CQRS and event sourcing. We will talk about the good stuff (modularization, scalability), the lessons learned (eventual consistency) and the challenges ahead (upgrades).

From a legacy monolith to microservices with Domain-driven Design [slides] Michael Plöd.

Building Beautiful Systems With Phoenix Contexts and Domain-Driven Design [video] Andrew Hao. Watch this video to learn about the philosophical roots of Bounded Contexts from the hard-earned wisdom of Domain-Driven Design.

Event Sourcing | Event Logging – An essential Microservice Pattern [blog] Denis Rosa. It is, however, not something that should be used indiscriminately in all your services. I personally think that only the core ones are actually worth it. You probably don’t need to keep the history of all the times the user has changed his own name in the system, for instance.

Domain-Driven Design: Working with Legacy Projects [course] Vladimir Khorikov (Pluralsight). As a programmer, you’d love to only work on green-field projects. However, you are most likely working on a legacy project right now, or will be at some point in the future. In this course, Domain-Driven Design: Working with Legacy Projects, you’ll develop skills that will help you manage these legacy projects to deliver new functionality and keep the stakeholders happy.

Domain-driven-design: Moving forward with API Platform and Elasticsearch [blog] Roland Franssen.

Disentangle the Data Enterprise Spaghetti to continuous delivery, a Domain Driven Design Story [slides] Kenny Baas.

Event Sourcing Using Apache Kafka [blog] Adam Warski. When building an event sourced system, there’s a couple of options available when it comes to persistence. You could use a traditional event-sourcing system like EventStore, a scalable tabular database like Cassandra, or even a good old-fashioned relational database. But it’s also straightforward to do event sourcing on top of Apache Kafka. Let’s see how.