DDD Weekly: Issue #50

November 28, 2017

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It’s not just about events! [blog] Frans van Buul. Event-driven architecture is great and has a lot to offer for microservices systems. And, let’s not step into the trap of thinking that all communication should take place via events – there are some very clear reasons why this is an anti-pattern.

Microservices with DDD: To Event Source or Not [blog] Vaughn Vernon. …So, before asking me or anyone else for affirmation that Event Sourcing makes sense for your system or any given Bounded Context as a microservice, consider the above. You will be in a much better position to succeed by owning responsibility yourself.

Functional Service Design and Observability [blog] Uwe Friedrichsen. At the microXchg 2017 conference, held in Berlin, Germany, Uwe Friedrichsen discussed the core concepts of “Resilient Functional Service Design” and how to create observable systems. Friedrichsen believes that in order to develop effective systems, microservice developers must: learn about fault tolerant design patterns and caching, but not utilise them to mitigate fundamentally bad (overly-coupled) system design; understand Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and modularity; and aim to design for replaceability of components rather than reuse.

Slice & Dice your Monolith with Domain Driven Design [video] Edson Yanaga. We’ll take 20+ years of experience on this field and pack everything on this intensive deep dive session. We’ll perform a live coding session starting with a legacy monolith with an anemic domain model. Then we’ll constant refactor & restructure the code to show how can we properly encapsulate data and behavior on Bounded Contexts. After that we’ll slice & dice code and data and consider some evolutionary steps for your integration. We got it covered: baby steps, CQRS, Event Sourcing, and more! Everything done from a practical and hands-on approach until you (maybe) can reach the eden of distributed Domain Events within your application

The Continuous Organisation Design Playbook [blog] Nick Tune. The way we design modern organisations for agile delivery is akin to Football in the 1800s. Little strategy, but lots of mindless running around copying everyone else… Over the past year, I’ve been invited to multiple organisations who were “doing the Spotify model”. When I asked one of them why, they were “not quite sure. I think it was one of the new executives who mandated it”.

Coevolving Organisational and Technical Boundaries [slides] Nick Tune. A shared language of the organisation design patterns and plays will enable all organisations optimise for their own needs rather than just copying the Spotify model.

Interview with Scott Bellware (Eventide co-creator)… [blog] Robert Pankowecki. …about micro-services in Ruby, event sourcing, autonomous services, SOA, dumb pipes, EventStore and mis-representation of terms in IT. Are you confused about micro-services? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. In this interview with Scott Bellware (the co-creator of Eventide), I am trying to shed some light on this complex topic.