DDD Weekly: Issue #5

July 20, 2016

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Adaptive Consulting’s Reactive Trader Cloud Adaptive Consulting. Reactive Trader Cloud is a real-time FX trading platform demo showcasing reactive programming principles applied across the full application stack. Improvements have been made across the board since Reactive Trader v1. The UI is revamped with a modern Javascript framework (React), and an event sourcing approach is used by the backend services for data resiliency.

Introducing Domain Map - The Domain Modeling Tool Mike Mogosanu. “Domain Map helps consultants, architects and developers to identify a Domain Model using Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing principles.”

We broke up with the Monolith, and started dating Event Sourcing Javier Ferrer Gonzalez.

The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data Christian Posta. “Context is king. We as humans can quickly (and even unconsciously) resolve the ambiguity of this understanding because we have a context in our heads, in the environment, and in the question. But a computer doesn’t. We need to make this context explicit when we build our software and model our data.”