DDD Weekly: Issue #46

October 20, 2017

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Event Sourcing and CQRS with .NET Core and SQL Server [book] Nick Chamberlain. *My new book is available for pre-order now! For being such a wonderful and loyal subscriber, use promo code: fpc-preorder for a $10 discount. Please stay tuned for more about launch dates!*

Explore DDD 2017 Videos Live on YouTube [video] Paul Rayner.

Software architecture is failing [blog] Alex Hudson. I believe that if you don’t encounter the constraints of the layers underneath you, you’re not working at a high enough level. Developers should occasionally bump into obvious stupid stuff that the layer beneath causes. I want to hear from people pushing standard stuff beyond its limits. I think we grossly underestimate what off-the-shelf systems can do, and grossly overestimate the capabilities of the things we develop ourselves. It’s time to talk much more about real-world, practical, medium-enterprise software architecture.

Designing Autonomous Teams and Services [book] Scott Millett. In this report, you’ll explore how leading organizations increase autonomy across teams and services through techniques designed to accelerate product delivery and improve business/IT alignment

Your app is an onion: Why software projects spiral out of control [blog] Kannan Chandrasegaran. This is why software projects blow up and try to eat you alive. So, go and discover your features. Build your outline and question your assumptions. Uncover the bulk of your problems quickly and cheaply. Save yourself the stress and pain, release your product out into the world, and let it bloom.

Handling Non-Aggregate Root Events for Child Entities [blog] Nick Chamberlain How should events be applied to child Entities when the Aggregate Root ultimately handles incoming commands? For example, constructing an Entity that is within the Aggregate Root boundary. Where do you call the constructor so that the constructor obeys the invariants being protected by the Entity?