DDD Weekly: Issue #42

September 14, 2017

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Why Software Hasn’t Worked for You [blog] Vaughn Vernon. This article is meant, not primarily for the software developer or project manager, but for the strategically qualified and motivated business professional. Its goal is to challenge the status quo of business software development and introduce an approach that may appear as novel in most enterprises. This approach focuses on delivering critically distinguishing solutions that are intended to propel business toward greater commercial success.

To DDD or not to DDD? What to do if your domain is boring? [video] Weronika Łabaj Weronika is convinced that working code is just a side-effect of her work as software engineer. She is passionate about exploring various domains and learning how business work. Even more she loves asking hard questions and challenging common wisdom. She believes that world would be better, if everybody would ask “wait, but why?” way more often.

DDD-Friendlier EF Core 2.0 [blog] Julie Lerman. What I’ve shown you here are simple classes that leverage some of the core concepts of a DDD implementation in the most minimal way that lets you see how EF Core responds to those constructs. You’ve seen that EF Core 2.0 is able to comprehend one-to-one uni-directional relationships. It can persist data from entities where scalar, navigation and collection properties are fully encapsulated. It also allows you to use value objects in your domain model and is able to persist those, as well.

How the Saga Pattern manages failures with AWS Lambda and Step Functions [blog] Yan Cui. In the world of microservices it’s important to ensure data consistency is maintained across distributed transactions

Exploring F# for Domain Driven Design [blog] Erik Sacré. Once upon a time… actually not that long ago, I got into a conversation with a coworker about the virtues of different type systems. Somehow the conversation led to F# which peaked my interest.

Applying Domain Driven Design and Reactive Architectures to Functional Programming [video] Rob Martin.

Advance Tech Podcast: Erik Reppel And Robert Reppel [podcast] Alexandra Moxin. This week we interview Cryptocurrency, ICO, Blockchain and Ethereum expert Erik Reppel and Adaptech’s CTO Robert Reppel!