DDD Weekly: Issue #4

July 18, 2016

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Reactors, Channels, and Event Streams for Composable Distributed Programming Aleksandar Prokopec, Martin Odersky. The “Reactor Model” offers some interesting improvements to the Actor Model.

The Beating Heart of CQRS on the CLR Paulmichael Blasucci. CQRS and F# - 2 of my favorite things. Here is the source for the Message Router code from Quicken Loans’ Github repository.

Hanselminutes: Exploring the Orleans Distributed Virtual Actor Model with Richard Astbury Scott Hanselman. Greg Young, in his talk “A Decade of DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing,” mentions that “the rise of Actor Models has also happened around the same time as the rise of Event Sourcing, which also happened around the same time as the rise of Functional Programming. All of these things are inherently related to each other.” This Hanselminutes episode is a great discussion about one of the main three Actor Model frameworks on the .NET stack - Microsoft Orleans (the other 2 being Akka.NET and Azure Service Fabric).

Domain Language eLearning Eric Evans. DDD eLearning classes led by Eric Evans himself!