DDD Weekly: Issue #32

March 30, 2017

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The Strategic Practices of Domain-Driven Design [booklet] Nick Tune. “This booklet is used as the supporting material for my advanced Domain-Driven Design workshops. However, it can also be used in isolation, especially if you want a guide for getting started with strategic DDD.”

Using CQRS to Make Controllers Lean with Derek Comartin [podcast] Software Engineering Daily, Derek Comarin, Dave Rael. “In this episode, Derek joins Dave Rael for a conversation about CQRS and applying it to make your code your own and to separate it from technical concerns in order to make your software development operation work better and faster.”

Tackling Complexity in CQRS [blog] Vladik Khononov. “As with every correctly applied tool, CQRS should reduce complexity, not induce it. If your architecture’s complexity grows, you’re doing something wrong.”

Functional DDD with Marco Heimeshoff [video] Marco Heimeshoff. Talk given at DDDBE meetup #26.

Event stores and event sourcing: some practical disadvantages and problems [blog] Ben Morris. “This simplicity and scalability can start to break down once you subject an event store to real world complexity. If an event store is applied to anything but a very small and static domain model it can start to run into a number of technical and operational difficulties.”

Event stores and event sourcing: some not so practical disadvantages and problems [blog] Szymon Kulec. “It’s your decision whether to use event sourcing or not, as it’s not a silver bullet.”

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Youtube Playlist [videos] YOW! Australia.

What is a domain model? [pdf] Debasish Ghosh. From Manning Early Release book: “Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling.”

Core Concepts of Domain-Driven Design is new to #SecureByDesign https://t.co/KBPeLylZYX [tweet] Manning_MEAP.

Woohoo… @ericevans0 and @rebeccawb keynoting at @exploreddd in Denver in September. It’s going to be a BUSY month for me! [tweet] Julie Lerman.