DDD Weekly: Issue #31

March 16, 2017

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Sale ends tomorrow! Applying Domain Driven Design with CQRS and Event Sourcing [book] Nick Chamberlain. Take a look at a free sample of the book here. Use promo code firstpopcoffee for $10 off. Offer expires Friday @ 5PM EST, so act now!

Life Beyond Distributed Transactions [journal] Pat Helland. “We are at a juncture where the patterns for building these applications can be seen, but no one is yet applying these patterns consistently. This article argues that these nascent patterns can be applied more consistently in the handcrafted development of applications designed for almost-infinite scaling.”

Maturing Your Microservices Applications with CQRS [podcast] Pivotal Insights. “In this episode of Pivotal Insights, host Jeff Kelly dives into the topic of CQRS with Pivotal’s own Kenny Bastani. Kenny, a Spring developer advocate, lays out the challenges CQRS helps microservices developers overcome, provides advice for implementing CQRS, and discusses the complexities that CQRS itself introduces to microservices applications.”

And here we go, an #EventSourcing “Library” for #Haskel, in 33 Lines lpaste.net/352784 [twitter] Philipp Maier.

How deep learning and AI techniques accelerate domain-driven design [blog] George Lawton. “As the organization implements this model into software, it can discover where there are gaps and inaccurate assumptions. The business team can then tune the model to see what does improve business process and goals.”

Your Code Is Terrible [blog] Silas Reinagel. “Your code is terrible – and that’s great, as long as you stay humble and dedicate yourself to learning.”

From C to Q, one Event at a time: Event Sourcing illustrated [slides] Lorenzo Nicora.

Michael Plöd: Microservices love Domain Driven Design, why and how? [video] Michael Plöd.

Modeling with Aggregates [blog] Pieter Koornhof. “Practice really makes perfect. If you can find someone that knows how to do model properly and is willing to teach you, it is even better.”

Implementing Domain-Driven Design in Laravel [blog] Alireza Rahmani Khalili.