DDD Weekly: Issue #29

February 23, 2017

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Eric Evans: DDD is Not for Perfectionists [blog] Jan Stenberg. “Evans does not recommend working with a model until it’s perfect, as then we will not ship any software. We have to get over the idea that design is something which you invest some extra time in upfront and get paid off in the long run. However, we mustn’t go to the other extreme either, just hacking out something horrible and shipping it.”

Enabling Coevolution of Organisational & Technical Boundaries [blog] Nick Tune. “My advice to you is don’t seek permission - just do it. Ask a product manager if you can work with them for a few hours. Go over to the marketing department for a quick chat. Ask them some questions about what they are working on and accidentally spend the next two hours with them.”

The Future of Microservices: Functional Service Design and Observability [blog] Daniel Bryant. “A lot of people then mention DDD (Domain Driven Design) and DDD indeed is a good starting point. Still, only knowing the patterns is completely different from being able to create a sound design for your current business problem using those patterns - especially if you have your product manager or product owner sitting over you all the time, urging you to be “more productive”.

Bringing the Domain Back to Software Development [blog] Jan Stenberg. “When Domain-Driven Design (DDD) came along, it was also a recognition of the fact that our focus, being exclusively on the machines, was wrong; we need to understand the domain we are working in to build useful systems.”

Using the Actor Model with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Reactive Systems with Vaughn Vernon [video] Lightbend.

Alberto Brandolini’s Event Storming Workshop, March 16th - 17th [event] SkillsMatter. “At the end of the workshop, you’ll have an accurate model about your problem domain, and quite a few strategies about how to model key areas and how to effectively manage the whole system, without falling into the common pitfalls from data-driven architectures.”

my notes from today’s @lightbend webinar [tweet] Wolfgang Kindeldei.

Transactions Redefined [slides] Alberto Brandolini. “Too often we model processes around the myth of Database Transactions, ofter forgetting what a transaction really means in the real world. This talk shows an easy and cheap approach to use together with EventStorming in order to include User Experience into process modelling”

DDD Europe 2017 - Pearls of wisdom from Paul Rayner’s Essential Domain-Driven Design workshop [blog] Valadis Novakovits.

Domain Driven Design Thoughts [blog] Saulius Zukauskas.

The Good of Event Sourcing [blog] Dennis Doomen. “Event Sourcing is a brilliant solution for high-performance or complex business systems, but you need to be aware that this also introduces challenges most people don’t tell you about.”

DDDX Programme is now OUT! [event] Skills Matter.