DDD Weekly: Issue #28

February 10, 2017

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Domain Events vs. Integration Events in Domain-Driven Design and microservices architectures [blog] Cesar de la Torre. “This blog post is about comparing several approaches of Domain Events vs. Integration Events patterns already published by the community”

Why Every Single Element of SOLID is Wrong! [slides] Dan North. “Write simple code!”

A study on Versioning in Event Sourcing [request from community] Michiel Overeem. “We are searching for developers/architects willing to cooperate in a study on versioning in event sourcing.”

Hacker News Discussion: The Domain-Driven Design Paradox (2016) [forum discussion] Hacker News. Hacker News discussion about an article from 2016 by Emilien Pecoul.

Aligning Organisational & Technical Boundaries for Team Autonomy [slides] Nick Tune. “Organisational and technical boundaries should coevolve, guided by Theory of Constraints and DDD.”

Using the Actor Model with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Reactive Systems [upcoming webinar] Lightbend, Vaughn Vernon. “In this webinar, special guest Vaughn Vernon explains why actors are so vital to the future of software development.”

Doing interesting things with #DSDDD & #DDD? Submit a paper and share it with the community at #DDDx 2017! [tweet] Skills Matter.

KanDDDinsky Conference [conference]. “We aspire to bring fundamental Domain Driven Design to the hearts and minds of all Developers, Project Managers and Stakeholders.”

You’ve studied up on DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing… now what? [book] Nick Chamberlain. I’m offering discounted preorder pricing for my upcoming book: Applying Domain Driven Design with CQRS and Event Sourcing. The book contains the full content of my most recent series on buildplease.com about a fictional business called First Pop Coffee Company. I’ve compiled it into an ebook for your convenience. Stay tuned for more info!