DDD Weekly: Issue #27

February 2, 2017

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Building Event-driven Microservices Using CQRS and Serverless [blog] Kenny Bastani. “This blog series will introduce you to building event-driven microservices as cloud-native applications.”

From dependency injection to dependency rejection [blog] Mark Seemann. “Several years ago, I wrote a book called Dependency Injection in .NET, which was published in 2011. The book contains examples in C#, but since then I’ve increasingly become interested in functional programming to the extend that I now consider F# my primary language.”

The @ExploreDDD conf website is now live [twitter] Paul Rayner. exploreddd.com.

F# - How to keep domain pure when logic depends on current date [blog] Lauri Taimila. “In functional programming we strive to write side-effect free applications. In other words, all the functions of the application should be pure. However, completely side-effect free applications are mostly useless, so the next best thing is to minimize the amount of side-effects, make them explicit and push them as close to the boundaries of the application as possible.”

CQRS Explained - Node.js at Scale [blog] Péter Márton. “CQRS is a powerful architectural pattern to segregate read and write operations and their interfaces, but it also adds extra complexity to your system. In most of the cases, you shouldn’t use CQRS for the whole system, only for specific parts where the complexity and scalability make it necessary.”