DDD Weekly: Issue #26

January 23, 2017

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Bus or Queue [blog] Steve Smith. “A common question I encounter is, ‘what is the difference between a message bus (or service bus) and a message queue?’”

Donkey Code [blog] Einar Høst. “The point of this example is that it takes very little for software development to get crippled by complexity without precise language. You need words for the things you want to talk about, both in design discussions and in code. Without them, it becomes very difficult to have meaningful communication, and the inability to articulate a thought precisely is made manifest in the code itself. Your task quickly turns from implementing new functionality to making sure that you don’t break existing functionality.”

When my plumber accidentally nailed software design [blog] Mat Ryer.

It is not your domain [blog] Emilien Pecoul. “From a technical perspective, I would argue that a DDD project is nothing but a clear and protected domain. Working on lots of legacy code though, I observe common mistakes to identify what is inside the domain, and what is outside.”

On Aggregates and Domain Service interaction [blog] Marco Pivetta. “The context was a CQRS and Event Sourced architecture, but in general, the approach that I prefer also applies to most imperative ORM entity code (assuming a proper data-mapper is involved).”

The Basics Of Reactive System Design For Traditional Java Enterprises [video] Oliver White.