DDD Weekly: Issue #24

January 12, 2017

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Finding Service Boundaries: The One Rule That Matters [blog] Nick Tune. “We use lots of heuristics to design (micro)services, but there is only one rule that really matters: maximising our ability to frequently deliver value to customers.”

Building a CQRS/ES web application in Elixir using Phoenix [blog] Ben Smith. “Applying the Command Query Responsibility Segregation and event sourcing pattern to an Elixir and Phoenix web application is an unorthodox approach. I hope this case study has demonstrated why – and briefly how – you might do so.”

Why would you even want to listen about DDD? [blog] Robert Pankowecki. “You might have heard about this thing called DDD which stands for Domain-Driven Design. The name does not reveal much about itself. So maybe you wonder why should you listen about it. What’s so good in it? What problems does it try to solve?”

Fat Controller CQRS Diet: Trade-offs [blog] Derek Comartin. “In my Fat Controller CQRS Diet series, I’ve shown the mediator pattern and the MediatR library. After a recent discussion with Reid Evans, he made me realize I haven’t really described the trade-offs. This post is going to focus on trade-offs and an alternative to using the mediator pattern.”

SE-Radio Episode 278: Peter Hilton on Naming [podcast] Felienne, Peter Hilton. “Felienne talks with Peter Hilton on how to name things. The discussion covers: why naming is much harder than we think, why naming matters in programming and program comprehension, how to create good names, and recognize bad names, and how to improve your naming skills.”

Building a PHP Command Bus [blog] Diego Mariani.