DDD Weekly: Issue #23

December 29, 2016

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Confusing Process Stages With Bounded Contexts [blog] Nick Tune. “When trying to break down a complex system into smaller pieces, simply putting team and technical boundaries around each stage of a business process is often a naive modelling approach that hinders an organisation’s ability to iterate quickly, and results in high-coordination costs between teams where none need exist.”

Domain modelling with REST [blog] Mark Seemann. “Truly RESTful design enables you to make illegal states unrepresentable by using hypermedia as the engine of application state. This gives you a powerful design tool to ensure that clients can only perform correct operations.”

Event Sourcing: CQRS and querying using read models [blog] Erik Heemskerk. “If your ‘event bus’ is asynchronous, you will have to come to grips with the realities of Eventual Consistency. In a lot of applications this is not really a big issue, but of all the potential problems to be aware of, this is one of the few that might impact users of your application, so it’s the most important one to be aware of. And, unfortunately, also one of the most mind-boggling ones.”

Harnessing Domain Driven Design in Distributed Systems Development - Part III [blog] Gayathri Thiyagarajan. “DDD has a lot more to offer in terms of tools and patterns which can make our lives easier now that we have reached this point in our journey. There are untold benefits which DDD can bring us on the team-organization front. Benefits that rarely (almost never) get discussed, but that we think are real key to successful Microservices implementations.”

Introducing Change Feed support in Azure DocumentDB [blog] Aravind Ramachandran. “ We’re excited to announce the availability of Change Feed support in Azure DocumentDB! With Change Feed support, DocumentDB provides a sorted list of documents within a DocumentDB collection in the order in which they were modified.”