DDD Weekly: Issue #22

December 12, 2016

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Announcing Explore DDD 2017 in Denver, USA [twitter]. “Announcing Explore DDD 2017 in Denver, USA. Conference: Sep 21-22, Workshops: Sep 19-20. Stay tuned for more exciting news!”

Sagas [blog] Clemens Vasters. “Sagas come out of the realization that particularly long-lived transactions (originally even just inside databases), but also far distributed transactions across location and/or trust boundaries can’t eaily be handled using the classic ACID model with 2-Phase commit and holding locks for the duration of the work. Instead, a Saga splits work into individual transactions whose effects can be, somehow, reversed after work has been performed and commited.”

Building Event Driven Architectures with Apache Kafka on Heroku [video] Chris Castle. “Apache Kafka is the backbone for building architectures that deal with billions of events a day. Chris Castle, developer advocate, will show you where it might fit in your roadmap.”

Reactive Microservices with Scala and Akka [blog] Vaughn Vernon. “In this article, Vaughn Vernon, author of “Implementing Domain- Driven Design”, “Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model”, and “Domain-Driven Design Distilled”, will teach you a first approach method to designing microservices, giving you a workable foundation to build on. He will introduce you to reactive software development and summarize how you can use Scala and Akka as a go-to toolkit for developing reactive microservices.”

So I’ve been doing microservices [blog] Piotr Gankiewicz. “Send the commands that have no return values, and perform queries that are idempotent – that’s all you need to follow the CQRS. If you stick to this pattern, you will quickly find out that it’s much easier to scale your applications simply by separating read & write operations.”

Domain-Driven Design: What You Need to Know About Strategic Modeling. Part 1 [blog] Sergey Grybniak. “In this article I would like to touch upon a specific problem that many software developers come across when working on complex projects. That said, our topic today is domain-driven design software development with strategic modeling.”

SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: DDD & REST - Domain Driven APIs for the web [video] Pieter Humphrey. “From all of the building blocks of DDD, the talk identifies the ones most important when it comes to building a good REST API: we’re going to look at aggregates as natural boundaries for representations, repositories as the backing foundation for collection resources and how hypermedia allows to make domain specific state transitions explicit. “

Assert.That(We.Understand) [video] Greg Young. “Testing has finally be recognized as an important aspect of our profession. This session will look at testing in DDD based systems, after the introduction of domain events, and finally when using event sourcing.”

Employing DDD In Legacy Systems [slides] Hauke Stange. “Based on the article series “Getting Started With DDD When Surrounded By Legacy Systems” by Eric Evans this talk presents the main concepts behind the strategies of building a Bubble Context by using an Anticorruption Layer.”

Implementing the Clean Architecture [blog] Jeroen De Dauw. “In this blog post I’ll introduce you to an application following the Clean Architecture and incorporating a lot of DDD patterns. The focus is on the key concepts of the Clean Architecture, and the most important lessons we learned implementing it.”

Snapshot Time! [blog] Szymon Kulec ‘Scooletz’. “Below you will find a short summary of event sourcing related articles that I have published here so far. Treat it as a table of content or a lookup or a pattern collection.”

CQRS and Event Sourcing in a Symphony application [slides] Samuel Rozé. “How to apply CQRS and Event Sourcing in a Symfony application.”