DDD Weekly: Issue #21

December 1, 2016

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Using CQRS with Event Sourcing [blog] Kristian Freed. “…enter CQRS – Command Query Responsibility Segregation. CQRS, in contrast with CRUD, starts with the observation that reading and writing data are very different things.”

Going “Events-First” for Microservices with Event Storming and DDD [blog] Russ Miles. “Events turn out to better capture the ubiquitous language of a domain or system. More often than not the easiest way to describe the system is in terms of the things that happen, not the things that do the work when collaborating with non-technical stakeholders”

12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory [blog] John Cutler. DDD is not mentioned explicitly, but is relevant to the solution to such problems.

Functional Event Sourcing meets The Elm Architecture [blog] Anthony Lloyd. “I would recommend functional event sourcing in any application where strong audit or schema evolution are a requirement. Linear event sourcing, optimistic concurrency and persisting each type to a single database table would be a natural starting point.”

When logic programming meets CQRS [blog] Liron Shapira. “I think we’ll see that one of the most exciting things logic programming can do is implement the CQRS pattern.”

The Well Rounded Architect [blog] Pat Kua. “What is most important is not necessarily the ability an architect has, but that they have enough expertise in each of these different areas to be effective. An architect who is skillful in only one of these six areas described above will not be as effective as an architect who has a good level of expertise in all of them.”

A Visual Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS by Lorenzo Nicora [slides] Lorenzo Nicora. “Slides from Lorenzo’s speech at Haufe-Lexware Microservice Architecture Day, in Freiburg. A pictorial introduction to the concepts of Command and Event Sourcing, and CQRS, as persistence model for modern, scalable and distributed applications.”

Data Points - CQRS and EF Data Models [blog] Julie Lerman. “CQRS can add a lot of work to your system development. Be sure to take a look at articles that provide guidance on when CQRS might just be overkill for the problem you’re solving, such as the one by Udi Dahan at bit.ly/2bIbd7i. Dino Esposito’s “CQRS for the Common Application” (msdn.com/magazine/mt147237) also provides insight.”

CQRS and Event Sourcing with Jakub Pilimon [video] Jakub Pilimon. “Event sourced domain naturally leads to messaging infrastructure and CQRS based services. See how we can benefit from getting rid of typical relational database model replaced by events. See how events come along with projections and different read model. In this talk we are going to explore all of this backed by a real Spring Cloud Stream applications.”

Design Visualization: Smoke and Mirrors [slides] Ruth Malan. “A rethinking of software architecture, its place in software design, and how we approach it. Going to bat for wisdom, and putting visualization back in the tool belt.”