DDD Weekly: Issue #20

November 17, 2016

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Event sourcing at global scale [blog] Martin Krasser. “Together with an international customer, I recently started to explore several options how to globally distribute an application that is based on event sourcing.”

Value Object [blog] Martin Fowler. “I find that value objects, particularly small ones, are often overlooked - seen as too trivial to be worth thinking about. But once I’ve spotted a good set of value objects, I find I can create a rich behavior over them.”

CQRS - Event Sourcing [video] Adrian Florea. “In this talk he will give us a deep dive into the CQRS / Event Sourcing architectural principles with an example implementation in Scala and Akka Persistence backed up by Cassandra for event journaling and Titan for snapshot persistence.”

Stateless 3.0 - A State Machine library for .NET Core [blog] Scott Hanselman. “State Machines and business processes that describe a series of states seem like they’ll be easy to code but you’ll eventually regret trying to do it yourself.”

DDD Notes, Preface [blog] Gregory Brown. “The two prerequisites that Evans lays out are that at a minimum, DDD requires iterative development and a close relationship between developers and domain experts.”

When to avoid CQRS [blog] Udi Dahan. A good reminder for myself that, although cool, CQRS and Event Sourcing are for complex & collaborative domains… not everything. Also a great DotNetRocks episode with Udi from September 2016 here.

Implementing message queue patterns using F# and actor model [video] Vagif Abilov.