DDD Weekly: Issue #17

October 27, 2016

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Contoso University updated to ASP.NET Core [blog] Jimmy Bogard. I discovered CQRS in the flavor of ASP.NET MVC through this project by Jimmy Bogard: ContosoUniversity. This new iteration uses ASP.NET Core with the Full .NET Framework. Repo here.

Rethinking State Management [video] Tamizhvendan S. Presentation at Functional Conference 2016.

YOW! Nights March 2016 Martin Fowler - Event Sourcing [video] Martin Fowler.

Domain-Driven Design: What is the role it plays for Microservices [blog] Interview with Eberhard Wolff.

Domain-Driven Design for the Database Driven Mind [video] Julie Lerman. This session reviews some of the tenants of DDD implementation and, using Entity Framework, shows you what to expect when it’s time to implement data persistence in your software.

Implementing CQRS on top of OTP (in Elixer) [slides] Hubert Łępicki.

Implementation Strategies for the Repository Pattern with Entity Framework, Dapper, and Chain [blog] Jonathan Allen. While any ORM framework can be used to implement a basic repository pattern, the performance and amount of code needed can vary significantly. Choosing between them requires balancing these factors, as well as issues such as database portability, cross-platform support, and developer experience.