DDD Weekly: Issue #13

September 15, 2016

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Commands and events with JustSaying and AWS [blog] Jef Claes. “Managing your own messaging infrastructure that should be highly available is not always an investment you want to make in this day and age. Going through the documentation and relying on experiences from some people I trust, I ended up looking at AWS and SNS/SQS.”

Real-World CQRS/ES with ASP.NET and Redis Part 1 - Overview [blog] Matthew Jones. “I did this mostly as a way to explore these two difficult patterns, but partially as a kind of proving ground for a real-world application we were about to start working on that was going to use CQRS/ES.”

InfoQ: A Whole System Based on Event Sourcing is an Anti-Pattern [blog] Jan Stanberg. A summary of Greg Young’s talk at DDD Europe 2016, A Decade of DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing (at around minute 20:00), highlighting the anti-pattern that is using Event Sourcing for the entire system and thinking of CQRS and Event Sourcing both as top-level architectures.

Validation and DDD [blog] Vladimir Khorikov. “Validation and DDD can be a tricky combination. How to perform validation in a way that doesn’t lead to domain knowledge leakage?”

InfoQ: Event Sourcery [video] Sebastian von Conrad, James Ross. “…let’s think of an event that is a business fact that happened at a particular time… something that is crucial to the core of the business… the things that if you lost 1% of your data, it would be a huge problem for your business.”

More Efficient Domain Modeling with Event Storming [blog] Nick Chamberlain. “This means that we are focused on learning the right things from Domain Experts, as well as identifying the right problems to solve with our software”

Architecting for the .NET Platform and Deep Diving into the new CRUD [blog] Dino Esposito. Dino Esposito’s upcoming SDD Conf Deep Dive. “Architecting for the .NET Platform — UX, DDD, Events, Polyglot persistence is a 3-day workshop taking place in London 8-10 November 2016.”

CQRS/ES #5 Command Bus and Event Bus [blog] Dariusz Pawlukiewicz. Part 5 in a CQRS/ES series, this one focusing on implementing a Command Bus and an Event Bus.