DDD Weekly: Issue #10

August 25, 2016

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Domain-Driven Design: The Good Parts [video] Jimmy Bogard. “Beyond the endless technical arguments it causes, domain-driven design can actually produce great software. We have to look past the hype into the true value of DDD, what it can bring to our organizations and how it can enable us to build quality systems. With the advent of microservices, DDD is more important than ever - but only if we can get to the good parts.”

Stop Over-Engineering! [video] Greg Young. “Most people dread working on brownfield projects. When it comes to stopping over-engineering, brownfield projects are some of the best things you can go work on.”

About Streams Lifetime [blog] Jérémie Chassaing. “Greg told me how he was saving thousands of events per second, every second every day. So I was thinking saving ten to one hundred per second would be easy to manage.”

What Lies Beneath [video] Alberto Brandolini. “We invited the right people, we purchased an insane amount of orange sticky notes, plus the paper roll. We made sure nothing was excluded from the big picture in order to discover the real problem. And the real problem is…”

CQRS and ES with Akka [blog] Miel Donkers.

DDD Tutorial - Modeling “Create Organization” [blog] Mike Mogosanu.